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STK Downtown Rooftop – NYC


Nestled just off the Hudson River within Manhattan’s bustling meatpacking district, sits a distinct yet classic foodie haven that towers over the shoppers, tourists, and native New Yorkers traveling the cobblestone streets below. No matter where you look – up, down, right or left – the immense beauty of The High Line may demand your attention, but another destination has been giving the famous sky park a run for it’s money for more than a decade: STK Downtown Rooftop.

STK Rooftop

The location at 26 Little W 12th Street not only offers patrons spectacular views of the city that never sleeps, but serves up some of the freshest and most unique courses and cocktails one can find in the Big Apple.


We were fortunate enough to partner with the restaurant mogul’s flagship store to experience the coveted STK brunch menu – a impressive mixture of flavorful dishes featuring seafood, meats, fruits and cheeses, and vegetables at prices that won’t break the bank.

STK Rooftop

While NYC is known as one of the brunch capitols of the world, what set’s STK apart from the rest is their commitment to fast and accurate service. Every minute detail of each dish and every drop of their signature cocktails are crafted with passion and precision.

STK Rooftop

As any legitimate brunch should properly start out, we ordered drinks first. (We should inform you that STK is not bottomless, so take that into account when planning a visit!) We ordered one of each of the “Strawberry Cobbler” and “Summertime Fling” cocktails that tasted like pure summer in a (very fancy) glass.

The “Strawberry Cobbler” (pictured below), one of STK’s most popular cocktails, is made with belvedere, fresh muddled strawberry, and finished off with a sugary rim of finely crushed graham cracker crust.

STK Rooftop

The “Summertime Fling” (also pictured below) was crafted with brugal rum, rose wine, St. Germain, cranberry, and topped off with a thin layer of bubbles served over ice – perfect for a hot summer day.


To start off our epicure extravaganza, we ordered the Tuna Tartare – a beauty of layered rare tuna meat over bed of avocado and topped with a mountain of thinly sliced, lightly salted taro chips. To really take this delectable starter dish to the next level, a pool of soy honey emulsion enveloped the tartare, and gave each bite a sweet yet spicy kick.

STK Rooftop

Just as we thought our pre-brunch feast experience had come to an end as soon as it began (we devoured that tartare like it was the last meal of our lives), the gracious staff surprised us with a tray of STK Signature Lil’ Burgers. When we say there’s nothing “mini” about these , we mean it! Thick patties cooked to perfection, topped with STK Signature Sauce, a slice of ripe tomato, and served with a side of mini bread and butter pickles. Nothing short of a dance party in mouths.

STK Rooftop 1

For our main courses (yes, there’s much more to come so stay with us!), we ordered the Chicken Sausage Benedict and the STK Steak and Eggs (both pictured below).

While these dishes may seem like your run-of-the-mill brunch menu items, STK adds their own touch of special to each. For the eggs benedict, each halve included a tender patty of chicken sausage placed atop a toasted English muffin, and finished off with a poached egg smothered in d’espelette hollandaise sauce.


Our second main course, the “STK Steak and Eggs,” featured a 6-ounce giant skirt steak cooked medium-rare with a side of breakfast potatoes, arugula summer salad, and STK steak sauce (the magic ingredient to the restaurants most popular menu item). In fact, we loved STK’s steak sauce so much, that Executive Chef Bradley Day brought us out our own personal tub of it to take on the road! (Talk about giving your customers the special treatment).


As we began to pack up our cameras, our server surprised us with two more hand-crafted cocktails (how could they read our minds?) First came the “Green Intensity” (pictured below), a refreshing cocktail-with-a-kick that consisted of absolute elyxe, lime juice, a jalepeno slice (with some seeds included – trust is it’s delicious), and garnished with basil. Next, we sipped on the “Cucumber Stilletto,” mixed with Kettle One Citroen, St. Germain, muddled cucumber, and garnished with mint.

STK Rooftop

For the perfect pairing, our servers thought it would be best (and we soon discovered there were so right in their assumptions) to throw in an order of maple glazed “monkey bread” topped with a giant scoop of coffee and dulce de leche icecream and a side order of petite vanilla bean coffee cakes (pictured below).

We were completely enthralled by the ooey, gooey, consistency of the monkey bread that contained an avalanche of cinnamon sugar in every bite.


The crumbly streusel topping on each piece of the coffee cake provided the perfect crunch in comparison to the moist, vanilla cake. (Keep in mind that while STK’s dessert menu is short, it delivers is taste, quality, and presentation).


In all, STK Downtown Rooftop is a modern and vibrant take on the traditional (and let’s face it, boring) steakhouse. It should be on the top of your list of “must-see” NYC staples.

Trying to snag a res at the downtown location but they are booked? It’s also worth mentioning STK’s other NYC location in Midtown. Also good news: STK’s new retractable glass enclosure allows you to enjoy their rooftop experience year-round, so bye bye cold and dreary NYC winter! You can still take in the breathtaking views of the city skyline (and sip on a spiked drink of your choice while you’re at it).

Can’t plan a trip to NYC any time soon? Not to worry. STK has multiple locations across the country.

Created by The One Group, a global leader in restaurant and lifestyle hospitality promotion, patrons can enjoy STK bites and bubbles in Atlanta, Chicago, DC (one of their newer establishments), Ibiza, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami Beach, and Milan.

So what are you waiting for? Make a reservations at an STK near you ASAP. Don’t forget to tell them the East Coast Contessas sent you.

  1. karyld2016 says

    I love patio dining! Sadly, only 2 restaurants in my town have patios. There’s nothing better than a great afternoon outside. I’ll definitely have to try this restaurant next time I’m in NYC

  2. giftcomber says

    Food looks awesome! Atmosphere looks divine!

  3. Lauren Vavala says

    Love the whole scene….especially the food and drinks!

  4. Maggie Unzueta says

    Those burgers look incredible. I might be drooling…. Must visit next time in NYC.

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