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Review: Bethesda’s New City Perch Restaurant


While the inner city limits of Washington DC are home to an array of Michelin-rated establishments making it a national foodie haven, visitors and locals alike fail to realize that a number of towns and communities located just outside of the beltway also have a big hand at the table when it comes to their selection of cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Take Bethesda, Maryland, for example, which is home to the newly minted and stylish American eatery, City Perch Kitchen, located just off the White Flint Metro above the iPic Theaters at the Pike and Rose development.

City Perch Kitchen, which is owned and operated by and built in 2015, serves its patrons many of the classic brunch dishes they have come to know and love, but with some serious flavorful flair.


Boring eggs and bacon? Plain flapjacks and flavorless toast? While we can always find a certain elegance when it comes to dishes that honor simplicity, guests won’t find any of that nonsense in this joint.

Instead, Chef Sherry Yard serves up dishes such as “Spiced Brown Sugar Candy Bacon“, “Honey Dipped Cornbread“, and “Brioche Crusted Maryland Blue Crab Cakes” that feature only the freshest ingredients and local produce.

Of course, any great brunch starts with mimosas – an endless amount of them. Luckily, patrons who dine at City Perch can have their choice of bottomless sangria, mimosas, Moscow mules, bellinis (pictured below), or bloody Mary’s for $10 extra.

For starters, we were served the famous “Salmon Popovers“, which were the perfect appetizer. Light, flaky, and crusty pillows of bread were hollowed out and stuffed with lightly salted smoked salmon and intricately placed in a petit pool of creamy dill sauce.

Since City Perch’s menu has no shortage of innovative and appealing bread-based dishes, they served up their warm and gooey “Monkey Bread Babka” flavored with swirls of coffee, cocoa, and cinnamon, and drowned in a bath of melted hazelnut chocolate sauce.

As if the two aforementioned appetizers weren’t enough, the staff then presented us with a gorgeous display of City Perch’s “Decadent French Toast” that featured two thick slices of brioche filled with sweet, whipped mascarpone and topped with house made syrup and a glacé made with fresh farmers market berries.

For our second entree, we were served the ultimate “Crispy Chicken and Waffles” plate that was heaped sky-high with golden-fried Belgian waffle triangles wedged in between flaky white-meat chicken tenders. When it comes to what sets this dish apart from others of its kind, the secret’s in the sauce – literally. This brunch favorite comes complete with a side of thick, spicy bacon maple syrup that gives each bite an added flare.

For dessert, we were surprised with a beautifully-plated “Banana Split Tart” consisting of a generous heap of creamy praline ice cream that was topped with a birthday cake linzer cookie (and a generous amount of sprinkles, people!), sliced brûléed bananas, chocolate sauce, and candied maple walnuts. This deconstructed deliciousness was not only gorgeous, but packed full of innovative and intense flavors that made each bite taste like little explosions of sugary heaven!

After finishing our meal, we were escorted to the iPic Theater that was conveniently located down the hall from the restaurant. Unlike other theaters of the day, this one takes the cake (and the champagne). We’ll explain: Guests lounge in plush recliner seats (pictured below), and can order entrées or snacks straight from their seats, and sip on cocktails or other beverage of their choosing throughout the film. Talk about pampering!

For a truly unforgettable experience filled with unique and fulfilling cuisine that is crafted and served by some of the best in the business, pop in or make your reservations for brunch or dinner at City Perch today. Tell them the East Coast Contessas sent you.

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