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How to Spend 3 Days in Prague

Where to Eat, Stay, and Play

Kicking back in Mama Shelter Prague's eclectic lobby. It's filled with books, magazines, and fun games. Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa.

Do you have upcoming travel plans to the Czech Republic and are looking for fun and affordable accommodation and activities? The below guide will share the best places to eat, stay and play for the perfect 3 days in Prague.

Kicking back in Mama Shelter Prague’s eclectic lobby. It’s filled with books, magazines, and fun games. Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa.

Where to Stay: Mama Shelter Prague


If you’re looking for the hippest hotel in Prague, look no further than Mama Shelter. Located in Prague’s Nazdrazi Holešovice neighbourhood, Mama Shelter Prague stands tall among the city’s colourful baroque buildings. Containing 238 rooms ranging in size from “Mama Medium” to “Mama Penthouse,” there are options for both group and solo travelers.

Eclectic club vibes meet the relaxed feel of a laid back summer’s day at Mama Shelter. Board games and pool tables greet energetic visitors, while cold pivos, cocktails, and shelves of books await the weary.

The main lobby of Mama Shelter Prague. Photo credit: East Coast Contessa

Mama Shelter also calls 11 other cities across the globe home including Belgrade, Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Los Angeles, and Rio de Janeiro, just to name a few. Each location embodies the culture and emotions of the city in which it’s located to create a warm and welcoming haven for all.

Mama Shelter’s signature magazine that details all 11 locations across the globe. Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa.

Hotel Grub & Sips

While the hotel is within walking distance to plenty of bars and restaurants, you won’t have to (or want to) go very far to get your hands on some of the city’s best local and international foods.

A stay at Prague’s hippest new hotel wouldn’t be complete without a global culinary experience. Adjacent to the main lobby, Mama Shelter’s very own restaurant serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. The bar next door (it’s literally across the room) serves up traditional Czech pivo, wine, and mixed cocktails. If you’re hungry in between meals, one of their yummy bar snacks should do the trick.

For only 890CZK a person (kids ages 6-12 receive 50% off), you can enjoy a buffet brunch filled with global cuisines for every palette: cured meats, soups, wood fire pizzas, pastas, assorted cheeses, fresh cut veggies, and homemade breads and pastries.

Menu favourites are the “Mexicana Pizza” with chorizo, jalenpenos, and egg, the “Crispy Panko Chicken Breast Salad“, and the “Lentil Salad” with poached egg and mustard vinaigrette.

The best part? You don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to enjoy Mama’s daily feasts. To book a table and learn more about the restaurant’s hours of operation for each meal, click here.

Pro tip: grab a little plate of everything and build a smorgasbord right at your table (Mama won’t mind).

Smorgasbord of food at Mama Shelter Prague. Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa.

After dinner, head downstairs for a nightcap at their newly opened Garden Bar. Sip on a fresh virgin lemonade or mulled wine, or grab a late night snack—if you’re still hungry. The terrace offers fancy hot dogs, chicken wings, marinated Hermelin cheese, and assorted ice creams.

For a full list of menus at the restaurant, bar, and garden terrace, click here.

Mama Shelter Amenities 

Staying at Prague’s hippest new hotel is like a visit to your fun and funky Aunt Carol’s house—you can do just about whatever you like, whenever you like (within reason, of course. It’s not your literal mama’s house!)

Lounging in the comfy beds in Mama Shelter Prague’s Medium Room. Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa.

With a 24/7 receptionist to ensure quick and easy check ins around the clock, the typical stress of travel is alleviated if Mama Shelter has anything to do with it.

The rooms are equipped with all of the amenities of a standard hotel,  but with a few extra sparkles thrown in. Each designer bedroom boasts free (and reliable) Wifi, on-demand movies, cable TV in multiple languages, and cheeky bath products.

The view of Prague from one of Mama’s Medium Sized rooms. Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa.

You can kick back, relax, and catch up on world news, or relax in your complimentary plush bathrobe after indulging in Mama’s smelly-good lotions and bath gels (also complimentary).

Complimentary bath amenities at Mama Shelter Prague. Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa.

Have a furry companion on your travels? No worries there. Mama loves your four legged friends, too! For just €20 a night, small domesticated pups can sleep comfortably. I just had my parents with me, but they slept comfortably, too.

Book Your Stay

Booking a stay at Mama Shelter Prague is stress-free. You can book directly through their website here, or through and And don’t forget to check out the other Mama Shelter locations across the globe for your upcoming travel accommodations!

“More than just a king bed and a mini fridge,” an experience at Mama Shelter Prague will stay with you long after you depart.

The colourful terrace overlooks Prague’s Baroque buildings and serves drinks and food when the weather is nice. Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa.

Helpful Tips:

Tickets for Prague’s public transportation system can be purchased in Mama Shelter’s lobby next to the large movie projector screen. It is recommended that you buy them here before exploring the city (and ask the helpful front desk if you have any questions regarding zones and prices!)

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (for brunch), Mama Shelter provides “DJ Sets” or live music    on the the lobby stage adjacent to the main bar. New talent performs some of today’s most popular songs with flares of electronic music on the weekends. To check out the full schedule, click here.

Where to Eat in Prague
In addition to world-famous baroque architecture, Prague’s culinary scene has also exploded on an international scale. In the past 

Where to Play in Prague

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