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“Weekend Getaways in Virginia”

In a guest post for Trivago Magazine, Alex discusses her favorite historical towns and cities in the state of Virginia.

“Travel Insurance Policy: When to Get It, and When to Skip It”

To buy, or not to buy travel insurance? Alex answers this sometimes confusing question during an interview with Air Help.

“The Best Backpacks for Travel Photographers”

Alex sits down with the travel and transportation company, Lifney, to discuss the best travel gear for travel photographers.

“7 DC Restaurants @eastcoastcontessa Says You Can’t Miss”

Alex discusses the best restaurants in Washington, DC with popular food blogger, Justin Schuble of DCFoodPorn.

“Living Abroad with Alexandra Booze of East Coast Contessa”

Alex chats with host Alexander Benikov for his Apple iTunes podcast, “Travel. Eat. Explore.” about her life in Prague, Czech Republic.

“Value of Being Interviewed as Microinfluencers”

Alex explains the value of effective marketing and public relations outreach for microinfluencers with

“Spain’s Wine Region with Alexandra Booze”

Alex returns to the “Travel. Eat. Explore” podcast with host Alexander Benikov to talk about all things Spain.

“Female Entrepreneurs: Alexandra Booze of East Coast Contessa”

In an interview with Authority Magazine’s Yitzi Wiener, Alex talks about her entrepreneurial journey with East Coast Contessa.

“Expat in Prague: Alexandra Booze of East Coast Contessa”

Alex shares her favorite Prague moments with local travel company, Beauty of Prague.

“99 Limit Breaking Female Entrepreneurs”

Alex’s work with East Coast Contessa is highlighted in this piece about limit breaking females across the U.S.

“5 Techniques to Cold Pitch Brands Like a Pro”

Alex provides essential tips and tricks for bloggers and influencers who want to work with global PR firms and companies.

“Exploring Prague with $10: How to Enjoy Europe on a Budget”

Alex explains how travelers can enjoy a day out on the town in Prague for only $10USD.

“My Expat Story: Moving to the Czech Republic”

Alex discusses why she decided to move to Prague and the details surrounding the process for snagging her Czech freelancer Visa.

“A Few Places Less Crowded: A Guide to Washington DC”

Alex shares her most beloved spots in Washington, DC and the best times to visit them to beat the tourist crowds.

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