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How One Mexican Cantina Transformed a Small Town, Southern Food Scene


The Downtown Scene

The faint sound of morroccas build as automobiles driving through the busy downtown streets buzz about outside. The smell of fresh tortillas and roasted peppers whaft through the air in pockets as baskets of crisp chips and smooth salsa are placed on each table as any proper mexican cantina would do.

What may seem like the perfect scene out of a authentic Yucatan cocina is not — but it might as well be.


Tacoholics 1
About Tacoholics

Tacoholics, a popular Mexican eatery that sits in the heart of downtown Henderson, Ky., has been transporting patrons to tropical culinary destinations since 2016.

After much initial success, the restaurant moved from it’s original spot on Water Street to it’s current and permanent home at 122 1st Street near the Ohio Riverfront.

Tacoholics 2

Serving up authentic gringas tacos, sizling fajitas, cheesy quesadillas, and stacked nachos, it is quickly rising through the ranks to become one of the Tri-State area’s most prized hotspots.

The Menu

Menu fan favorites include the creamy guacamole dip, the queso blanco, the massive three-pound “Burrito Kentucky,” and the soft shell street taco trio with carne asada, el pastor with grilled pineapple, and pollo with grilled onions and peppers.

Top generously with Tacoholic’s house-made salsa verde or firey red habanero salsa and you have a match made in heaven.

Mexican cantina 3

If the weather is nice, dining al fresco with one of their numerous blended margarita flavors is a must — and place a second order of queso blanco from the get-go.

Should you find yourself in the quaint Northwestern Kentucky town of Henderson, a drive through its storied downtown streets will yield numerous dining options, but a stop into Tacoholics won’t disappoint.

Mexican Cantina 4

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