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Restaurant Review: Luxury Dining at Ritz Carlton Pentagon City


Conveniently located a stone’s throw away from one of the world’s most powerful government agencies sits a powerhouse of a different kind: Fyve Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City.


Fyve Restaurant Lounge, situated in the Ritz Carlton Hotel near The Pentagon in Arlington, Va., (many of the restaurants menu items are named after Pentagon officials or history) offers up modern American cuisine with a serious flare.


Served in an elegant and contemporary atmosphere, patrons can enjoy any of Fyve’s exquisite menu items next to the lounge’s relaxing fireplace, or at the romantically lit and fully-stocked bar (both perfect remedies for the cold and damp fall weather).


Featuring regionally sourced dishes for breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner, and dessert, as well as an extensive wine, champagne, and cocktail menu, Fyve is sure to satisfy the palates of passerby’s and sophisticated foodies alike.

I was invited to dine in Fyve’s elegant oasis to preview some of these palatable works of art that are photographed and reviewed below:

Any proper brunch starts with a round of solid spirits, of course,  a crisp flute filled with bubbling champagne is a must. It’s also worth noting that Fyve patrons can complete orders via an interactive menu that displays both colorful photos and vivid descriptions of their items on an iPad.

Dips accompanied by an assorted bread basket included a creamy artichoke dip sprinkled with fresh paprika; extra virgin olive oil; and Fyve’s house-whipped butter topped with Hawaiian sea salt.


As a precursor to the feast to come, Fyve chose to present a sampling of appetizers that featured fresh produce and spices that perfectly complimented the changing of the seasons.

The “Heirloom Tomato & Mozzarella” with aged balsamic and micro basil featured thick slices of creamy buffalo mozzarella sandwiched between slivers of firm yet juicy heirloom tomatoes. The aged balsamic and freshly cracked black sea salt added the perfect kick to this incredibly refreshing dish.


The “Compressed Watermelon & Feta” dish was not only colorful in presentation, but was packed full of both sweet and salty flavor from the combination of the watermelon and the creamy cheese. The pine nuts added the perfect crunch component.


For the main courses, Fyve decided to highlight three of their best-selling dishes:

The “Roasted Roasted Tomato Bisque” with local grilled cheese is the perfect dish for fall. The rich and hearty soup is hand-poured at the table over a centerpiece of perfectly golden-brown petite grilled cheese triangles.


The gorgeous finished product:


For the second main course, the “Shrimp and Grits” with chorizo and stone ground grits was the star. One of the chef’s signature dished, the grits contained a generous amount of white cheddar, while the chorizo is sourced from Georgetown artisan butcher Jamie Stachowski.


The third main course served was the “Roasted Chicken Breast” with parisienne gnocchi, crisp broccolini, soft pearl onions, three different kinds of locally sourced mushrooms, and natural jus. Encased by a layer of crisp and flavorful skin, the thick chicken breast was juicy and roasted to sheer perfection. When dipped in the natural jus and and paired with a slice of steak mushroom and broccoli floret, the flavors of all the dish’s components exploded into a culinary experience of heavenly proportions.


No meal is complete without a sugary-sweet treat (or two) to close the deal.

The chef delivered a beautifully plated slice of “Meyer Lemon Cheesecake” featuring robust lemon chantilly and raspberry jus all situated over a thick layer of graham sable (which was also dipped in white chocolate, we might add).


The foodie adventure didn’t end there. The Chef insisted on a slice of the “Chocolate Caramel Peanut Crunch” cake that featured decadent layers of valhrona milk and dark chocolate mousses, salted caramel, peanut feuillittne, caramel sauce, Virginia peanut brittle, and a petite side of light and fluffy vanilla milk sorbet.


After dessert, I was escorted up to the penthouse that overlooked both the Pentagon and the Washington Monument for Fyve’s legendary “Afternoon High Tea.” Offered on Saturday’s and Sunday’s (during the month of December availability is increased), tea time is truly an innovative and hands-on experience.

I was urged to open up the tubes to sample the tea spices before picking my flavor-of-choice, while a mountain of quinoa cups filled with gluten free chicken salad, chocolate tarts, brandied cherries, and warm currant scones with house-made jam stood by.


A lot more work goes into the presentation of the tea time than one would think. A number of different people are involved in the assembly of the plates, as the intricate details of each component require time, patience, and extreme talent.

Getting up close and personal with the Lox and Cream Cheese toast topped with caviar:


It’s also worth noting that Fyve offers a “Petite Socialite” tea option for young girls – perfect for birthday parties or special events (added bonus – everything is pink!)

While the menu at Fyve changes for the seasons every three or so months, one thing remains constant: Fyve only serves the freshest and most flavorful dishes containing locally-sourced ingredients to their customers. What you see is what you get: a combination of raw culinary talent served up with a serious side of innovation, passion, and honesty.

For a truly elegant dining experience (they also offer an amazingly priced happy hour specials for those looking for an after work pick-me-up), book your reservations at Fyve Restaurant today. Make sure to tell the their gracious staff that East Coast Contessa sent you.

  1. Oh my word, this looks beyond delicious. The colours of the meals are amazing and that tomato bisque has my mouth watering. Absolutely stunning.

  2. Liz Mays says

    Each course really did look wonderful. It’s nice that they finished strong with the desserts. Their afternoon tea sounded great too.

  3. Ana De Jesus says

    It all looks delicious but the Meyer cheesecake has definitely caught my eye I have to say. Photography is impeccable as always!

  4. says

    this looks amazingly mouth watering. the shrimp, the tomato mozz and the tartare geez!

  5. Veethee Dixit says

    Wow! The food looks delicious. The ambiance is amazing too!

  6. Erin says

    Everything looks to die for!! Especially the dessert. Yum!

  7. Candy says

    Everything looks delicious. Hand poured soup inspires me

  8. Jolina says

    First thought was: I wonder how many secret meetings took place here haha! The food looks divine. I am obsessed with afternoon tea and their spread looks delightful!

  9. fortheloveofpeas says

    Wow this food is beyond anything I have ever seen. Especially longing for the artichoke dip with paprika, sounds lush and so different. The deserts presentation is incredible.

  10. Marlynn Jayme Schotland says

    Oh my goodness, it all looks amazing! Especially the shrimp and grits. Yum!

  11. lastchance3 says

    These are gorgeous. The restaurant’s presentation is wonderful!

  12. thetravelpockets says

    Sounds like such a luxurious experience! Would love to check this place out. Everything looks fab!

  13. Elizabeth O. says

    That looks like a great place, the food looks amazing and so does the restaurant itself! How adorable that they offer a petite option for afternoon tea for little girls!

  14. Leah says

    The food all looked wonderful, and the atmosphere looked so inviting as well! What a great experience!

  15. Cait Weingartner says

    Oh, I am envious! The food looks incredible…delicious looking and presented in such an elegant fashion. You made the right choice in treating yourself!

  16. janella2016 says

    Oh my word this looks divine! the ambiance is gorgeous too

  17. Jessica Hughes says

    Such an amazing experience, the food looks delicious!

  18. EfabulousHB says

    Their food looks amazing. The plating is wonderful.

  19. Dunja says

    What an delicious looking food! it made me hungry. Specially that chocolate dessert 🙂

  20. Ashley - The Traveling Gals says

    The chicken looked so good, but that cheesecake!!! Looks like a wonderful meal!

  21. jennifer L says

    Omg how delicious does everything look! The Shrimp & Grits looks absolutely delicious too.

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