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Where to Find the Best Flamenco Show in Barcelona


A Passionate Artform: Tablao Flamenco

The neon lights slowly build up out of the pitch dark and over the historic stage at Barcelona’s Tablao Flamenco Cordobes. The lights cast silhouettes of cejillas and the flowing fabrics of trajes de faraleas on the walls and ceilings.


The room, which resembles a beautifully gilded cave, seats only 180 people — an intentional choice.

For those unfamiliar with flamenco, Tablao creates an intimate and beautiful setting for the audience to  fully appreciate one of Spain’s most passionate form of art.

The unlimited Brut champagne flows freely, as the Tablao staff remains on-hand throughout the show’s entirety to serve patrons with spirits and treats.

Then, one of Spain’s most renowned flamenco dancers, Karime Amaya, emerges from the shadows, the spotlight igniting shimmers of gold across her red dress like flames.

Guitarists David Cerreduela, Eugenio Santiago, and singer Mara Rey kick off a steady beat, slowly building tempo and momentum. Amaya begins to move her feet to the rhythm, each tap of her heel coinciding with each strum of the guitars.

The anticipation of the crowd builds until the tempo reaches it’s peak. Shrieks and gasps fill the room alongside the echo of song, acoustics, and wood-on-wood.

The History of Tablao Flamenco

This is flamenco dance — an art-form that requires a special environment for anyone who witnesses it to fully understand and appreciate. This can only be achieved by creating a unique and intimate space that reflects the flamenco parties where the art was born and shared.

The wicker chairs, small tables, and vaulted architecture within the theater only adds to the intimacy that Tablao Cordobes Flamenco provides. Inspired by Nasrid forms and Andalusia architecture, the arched ceilings amplify the sound acoustically, allowing it to echo throughout the room free of distortion.

The audience is truly cut off from the rest of the world and fully immersed into the amazing and sensual world of Flamenco.

This unique show has been run by a family of artists, famous in the world of flamenco for the heart and elegance they bring to the art, since its founding in 1970.

The passion and the creativity of these artists has only grown since then, and there is no other that could rival its majesty. Not only do the performers create beautifully choreographed pieces, they bring intriguing Duende, otherwise known as an improvisation.

What the audience sees on stage has evolved beyond the traditional style of flamenco, and cannot be taught.

Spanish Gastronomical Tour

Before the show, patrons can buy tickets that include a buffet-style gastronomic tour that features more than 44 specialty Spanish and Catalan cuisines.

The tour includes tables full of some of Spain’s most popular tapas including warm, sugary churros with chocolate fondue, pan con tomate, and jamon iberico de bellota (shaved ham).

For anyone with definitive plans or dreams of visiting Barcelona, this show is an essential stop  to better understand Spanish art and culture.

To learn more about the art of flamenco dance or to reserve tickets to an upcoming show, click here.

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