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DC’s Dolci Gelati Brings Back Gelato Festival America: The World’s Largest Mobile Dessert Lab


**Disclosure: This article was created in paid partnership with Dolci Gelati. 

In the heart of the nation’s capitol, the temperature has reached 100 degrees more than a  few times in recent weeks. *send help ASAP*

The sun and the outdoors are unrivaled during the summer months, but the hottest of days pose both mental and physical tests. Enter the Dolci Gelati “Gelato Festival America” to help us get through these last sun squelching days a bit easier. (Side note: gelato and ice cream are also perfectly consumable on a cold winter day, too.)


Located right in the center of one of DC’s most bustling neighborhoods, it is always a refreshing treat on any day.

About Dolci Gelati

With native Italian turned Washingtonian Chef Gianluigi Dellaccio at the helm, Dolci Gelati sets the tone for the highest stadard of gelato available in the United States. Their gelatos are made simply using simple ingredients, but taste nothing short of incredible. Great quality, inventive flavors, and all natural ingredients. Dolci never uses syrups or powders as their gelato is crafted in fresh small batches daily, helping them maintain the highest of standards.

What’s the difference between ice cream and gelato?

So here’s the scoop: gelato generally has about one third the fat content and half the calories of ice cream. Why? Gelato has less cream, meaning less fat. Gelato also has less air, resulting in a denser, richer, creamier taste.

The Gelato

All of their flavors are delicious and it’s highly recommended that you sample a few or all of the flavors if possible). The ECC team sampled a handful of them before deciding on a heaping cone of their award-winning Honey Mascarpone Fig. (spoiler alert: it is so. Good with rich and creamy fresh bits of fig). Classics are always great, but unique flavors are a must-try, especially since Chef Gianluigi is known for his one-of-a-kind creations. Thai lemongrass coconut? Passion fruit Orange Blossom Honey? Guacamole gelato?? Yes, please!

The Sorbetto

For the second round, we couldn’t resist the “Strawberry Lychee” and “Passion Fruit” sorbettos. We loved the fresh fruity flavors and easily finished it all. The bright colors were cute to photograph, too, for those who are fellow foodie photographers. Sorbetto is a water-based gelato, so it’s completely fat-free and completely dairy-free. Perfect for those that want to indulge without the guilt.

There are also other ways to get your gelato fix. Only have one free hand? They have gelato in popsicle form, which you can dip in chocolate and cover in an array of toppings. Trying to control your portions? Try a super cute tiny gelato pop! Feeling indulgent? Gelato cookie sandwich! Also keep your eyes peeled for the Dolci Gelati food truck and the Dolci Gelati pints in Whole Foods –they’ve even created gelato for your dogs!

If there’s one place to get your gelato in DC, getting it from Chef Gianluigi would be the only way to do it right. Plus, a little birdie told us there is a wasabi flavor gelato is in the works, so we will be primed and ready to taste-test that for you all when it drops!

About Gelato Festival America

The best Public Service Announcement ever: A gelato festival exists and it’s coming to DC this weekend! On September 8th and 9th in the Shaw location on the streets in front of Dolci Gelati, you can try many of the same treats we mention in the story above. They also hosted the same event in the New York metro area — did any of you attend?

On top of all the recognition he’s received around the world for his gelato (he’s even made gelato for the Pope!), Chef Gianluigi was appointed as the first official gelato ambassador to the United States by the Associazione Italiana Gelatieri. This has played a major role in his decision to share his passion and talent for gelato making with the citizens of DC (and yet another reason for you to attend the event). He was also appointed ambassador at Sigep, the largest international artisan gelato fair in the world. Have we convinced you yet?

The best gelato chefs and the greatest flavors

Gelato Festival America wants to spread the culture of Artisan Italian Gelato. Over the next three years, they will be touring the country, finding the best gelato chefs, and voting on their unique, one-time flavor entries for the festival. In 2021, 5000 gelato chefs from across the world will have been narrowed down to 36 finalists competing in Italy for the title of Gelato Festival World Master. It’s the most important event in Artisan Italian Gelato.

During the DC leg, you’ll be able to discover the secrets of authentic gelato, learn about production techniques, watch gelato chefs at work, and most importantly, taste one of the most popular and sought after desserts in the world!

To view the Gelato Festival America website click here:

To buy tickets for the DC event:

Will we see you there?

**ECC’s Justin Ticzon contributed to this write-up.

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