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Barrel Oak Winery


A cool breeze whistled through the orange and red-hued trees, and the smell of campfire smoke with a hint of warm chocolate permeated the air.

Children laughed and roamed the hillsides gleefully while their four-legged friends kept watch close by.

What would seem like an average fall day was anything but. Instead, this scene describes a playground for children and adults alike.


This “playground” otherwise known as Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane, Virginia, offers of the most stunning views the Virginia countryside has to offer.


Barrel Oak Winery (BOW), is the brainchild of Brian and Sharon Roeder who founded the winery in 2008 after a vacation in Key West, Florida. Since its birth, BOW has rightly earned a reputation as one of the best wineries in the D.C. metropolitan area.

barrel oak 2

Named the #1 Family Friendly Winery in the World by Wine Enthusiast Magazine in 2012, BOW warmly welcomes parents with children, dogs (and their owners) hiking groups, bikers, foreign dignitaries, and Washington, D.C. elite.

This 26-acre vineyard is home to a selection of traditional vino as well as American and French hybrids.

barrel oak 3

Winos can sample variations such as Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc, Petit Manseng, Viognier, Chardonnay, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Traminette, Chambourcin, Rose, and newly planted Norton, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

If it’s not obvious enough by now, we certainly have a special place in our hearts (and tummies) for some good wine. For this reason, among many others, we were SO excited to participate in BOW’s group wine tasting! (We also can’t forget to thank our friend Meredith for being born – it was her birthday celebration after all!)

barrel oak 4
We first sipped and swirled the BOWHaus White, a crisp and fresh wine with pineapple and tropical notes. Next was the 2014 Barrel Chardonnay that had a sweet, lingering, buttery finish. Third in line was the 2014 Rose (our personal favorite!) that was almost like drinking berries and cream! We also got to test out the winery’s 2014 BOWHaus Red,the 2013 Syrah, and the decadent Chocolate Lab Dessert wine, which we highly recommend enjoying with specialty dark chocolate or light and airy mousse.

barrel oak 5
After the tasting, we each reveled in our choices of wine bottles and made our way to the picnic tables where members of the birthday group ordered hand-crafted wood-fire pizzas. We snacked on salami, assorted cheeses, oreo balls, specialty breads and crackers, and guilt-free guacamole and tortilla chips (yes, guilt free. Shout out to Trader Joe’s!)

barrel oak 6
While we chatted and played a game of (heavily politicized) Cards Against Humanity, a live band played exciting tunes in the background.

barrel oak 7

We decided to relocate closer to a fire pit to make smores before venturing out into the winery grounds to take portraits and landscape shots (trust us, if you saw how beautiful it was in person, you would go picture crazy, too!)

barrel oak 8


As time flies when you are having fun, the day was coming to a close. We ducked inside the main lodge to check out the items for sale inside the shop (and to sit on the comfy leather couches in front of the stone fireplace raging with a warm glow).

barrel oak 9

It was hard to decide what to purchase when presented with wine-scented candles, wine-flavored lip-gloss, and hand-crafted jewelry. (We opted to buy three custom wine-glasses with the BOW logo so we could always think back on our fond memories!)

barrel oak 10
As we loaded the shuttle bus to head back to the city, the sun was setting over the fields. While we hated to leave such a beautiful place, we knew we would be back again.

barrel oak 11

For a family-friendly atmosphere (and just enough privacy for those of you with no children who want to indulge a bit more in the “finer” products BOW has to offer), we highly recommend this little piece of paradise just outside of the nation’s capital.


  1. monika celly says

    Great article. Fun pictures. Enjoyed reading it !

  2. Danielle Greco says

    These photos are stunning! I adore the east coast! It’s stunning in the fall… this is for sure going on my bucket list!
    Danielle Greco

    1. Karen Hopkins says

      That’s so great to hear. Thanks for the love! Let us know if you ever get a chance to visit this awesome winery!

  3. Branson says

    Oh this looks just lovely! I used to live in the midst of many wineries and it is something I really miss now!

  4. Jessie says

    So incredibly lovely! Xo

    1. Karen Hopkins says

      Thank you so much! We appreciate the kind words!

  5. priya says

    Wow the pictures are rely cool, i have never been to winery or wine tasting yet, i am planning to hit one soon! Nice post!

  6. Becky @ Disney in your Day says

    Wow, it looks beautiful there in the fall – and the wines sound great too! I would love to stop there sometime during our next trip to Virginia.

    1. Alexandra Booze says

      Thank you!! Let us know if you ever get to visit!

  7. Aishwarya S says

    Looks like you had a great time! And I agree, the view is just stunning. Awesome red boots! 🙂

  8. Leah says

    Looks like a great place to visit! What a view!

  9. Bri DePauw (@ATGlittered) says

    Looks like a great time, I love Wineries!

  10. Ashleigh says

    We have lots of vineyards here where I live and I love going out and wine tasting. This wine looks fab! Thank you for sharing!

  11. theveganistafoodie says

    Looks beautiful. I hope I get the change to visit some day.

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