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If dessert was a piece of art, then Amorino has created a masterpiece! Their flower shaped gelato cone is truly as beautiful as it is tasty, but we’ll get into that later! First, let us give you some background on this one-of-a-kind gelato shop.

Amorino began in Paris as the brain child of two best friends, Paolo Benassi and Cristiano Sereni. They took their passion for gelato-making to the streets and opened up the first Amorino store back in 2002.

Paolo and Cristiano’s objective was to create top notch gelato without artificial colors and flavors. Fourteen years later, they now have multiple shops in 17 different countries around the world  and 10 total in the U.S. (four of which proudly call NYC home). In fact, they just celebrated the grand opening of their fourth NYC shop located in the Upper West Side! The new location at 414 Amsterdam Ave, has a big window that offers great sunlight and a nice view of the busy NYC street outside. It also has a very comfortable environment for anyone looking for a quiet place to enjoy some gelato or sip on a delicious cup of Italian coffee.


A Here’s a peak at some of their flavors…

FullSizeRender (55)

FullSizeRender (54)

Jennifer Mininno, the owner of the UWS location, was incredibly sweet made sure to give us an amazing gelato experience. Jennifer was born in the small italian city of Legnano. After getting her Masters at NYU,  she fell in love with the New York and finally fulfilled her dream of opening up an italian gelato shop in the heart of the Big Apple.

Jennifer went on to tell us that one perk that makes Amorino so and special is that they don’t charge by the scoop like other gelato or ice cream parlors. Customers can get as many flavors and scoops as they fit onto one cone! Hard to believe, right? Customers can also choose from two different types: gelato or sorbet (vegan and without dairy).

Just a warning: prepare to be completely mesmerized as they create a stunning gelato “flower” right in front of your very eyes. If you’re feeling overly adventurous, you can top it off with one of their unique gelato filled macarons! Seriously, where has this place been all our lives?


FullSizeRender (56)

With 23 flavors to choose from, we couldn’t pick just one! For our first cone, we chose chocolate, stracciatella, and raspberry flavors topped with a raspberry gelato macaron.

For the second cone, we opted for chocolate, stracciatella and strawberry gelato with a chocolate macaroon. While we watched them craft our floral frozen desserts, we learned that it takes three full days to train an employee to create the perfect flower shaped gelato, and even longer to perfect it. We would have these yummy works of art over real flowers any day!



The gelato was creamy, rich and absolute perfection. With so many flavors on one cone, we couldn’t decide which was our favorite. We also highly recommend topping it off with a pillowy yet crisp gelato macaron (not just for the ultimate food porn picture, but so that your tastebuds and experience complete sensory overload in the best possible way).

If you gelato isn’t your thing – Amorino still has you covered! They also offers crepes, waffles, frappes, sorbet drinks, artisan coffee drinks, and a cioccolata calda (a chocolate drink that comes in 10 different flavors). There’s something for everyone at Amorino!

This truly a one of a kind experience is a must for anyone visiting NYC this Summer (speaking of, stay tuned for our NYC summer “staycation” post coming after Memorial Day weekend!).  Trust us when we say, this gelato is worth cheating on your diet for.

When you visit Amorino, tell Jennifer East Coast Contessas sent you!

  1. Rae says

    Is it wrong that I’d kill for some of this for breakfast? Your photos are making me hungry!
    Hope SF is on the list of cities… that’s close enough for me to be able to check out!

  2. Kamara H says

    Ah, I’ve been seeing the flower ice creams everywhere for ages but still haven’t had one! They look gorgeous…having a macaron added just tops the cake (or ice cream, I should say)!


  3. Alison says

    This is amazing! I would want one of these over any bouquet of flowers! I love that you can have lots of different flavors. They look so fun and so cute!

  4. Amy says

    Ok, this is other worldly!!! I wish I could get one of these absolute works of art!

  5. Wow they look so beautiful! ….. I personally do not like macaroons (i’m not a sugar person, more a ‘salt’ girl) but LOVE ice-cream and gelato and love the idea of mixing both of these together. Beautiful photos and looks delicious too! xoxo Stay Inspired, Robin from THE INSPIRED (

  6. S Marie says

    Wow!! This is incredible (and decadent). I can’t imagine trying to eat something like this… for starters because it is so pretty and secondly because it’s HUGE!!! Super cool treat!

  7. MakeUp Fun says

    Oh my God! That looks delish… and I bet it was perfection! I’ve never seen an icecream like that one, but the macaron on top gives it a touch of glamour. I live in Italy and I know how good icecream can be! xx

  8. Maggie Unzueta says

    Gelato and macaron.. I’m drooling!

  9. Francis H Powell says

    Looks too good to be true all that ice cream

  10. Izabela says

    Wow. Gelato and macaron combo sounds like heaven. I really want some now 🙂

  11. Emily Bendler says

    That looks amazing. I live in lower Westchester but I have a friend on the UWS. Sounds like we need to schedule a girls date!!

  12. A Modern Girl's Travels says

    This is a great city guide! Those flower gelato’s look delicious. I love gelato, stracciatella is my favorite!

  13. Sophie says

    Woah! Gelato and macaron! I’m not much into macarons, but I’ll love to try those with the gelato.

  14. Nya says

    I am such an ice cream addict, and I love Amorino! The flower gelato looks amazing, you made me ‘hungry’ indeed.

  15. rebecca says

    After reading this, I had to check and see if any of the locations are nearby. Sadly, there aren’t. Even worse, I see their featured flavor is blood orange which I really would love to try.

  16. Michelle Mink says

    wow i’m going to need to eat that stat! my goodness it looks amazing!

  17. Anna says

    Stop it right now! I could not agree more, they are most certainly a work of art! And look so delicious! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  18. carrie@thelavenderhytta says

    Looks fabulous! I wish I could try them out!

  19. Amorino is my favourite ice cream shop! The flower shape they make is beautiful and the flavours are so tasty. Never had a macaron with mine though, that would make it so much better!

  20. Joan says


  21. Dreammerin says

    Omg! It looks so fabulous, delicious and yummy! I wish I could get one! 🙂

  22. Fatima says

    OMG this looks amazing. I love your post. Wish I could grab it. The ice-creams looks so good and so does the macaroon.

  23. Rosie Romance says

    You had me at ‘dessert’! These look incredible – I love gelato and this is such a great way to serve it.

    Rosie |

  24. Rakel Campos says

    OMG! I want to try this, it looks amazing and delicious! Nice pics!

    Rakel ♥

  25. SofarsoSabine says

    This looks delicious! Perfect as dessert after dinner as well! xo Sabine

  26. Jessica Ayun says

    I love macarons. The way they prepared is just fascinating that it adds to my craving.

  27. suchi says

    woooow!! this looks so good! I am craving for gelato now!!! delightful pics!!

  28. Rachel Ball (@grokgrub) says

    Wow, those cones are gorgeous! And the macaron on top…!

  29. Ming says

    I am currently drooling and craving for a gelato!

  30. Tiina A says

    Oh no, those look too gorgeous – just like flowers! Macarons and ice cream – perfect match:) We had an ice cream day here a while ago, but couldn’t really find anything that dlicious looking place like this one.

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