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4 Ethical Travel Tips for Your Next Vacation

Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa

Most people like the idea of seeing the world and travelling to new places, but are sometimes unaware of the imprint it can leave on economies and the environment.  To help you out with this, the below post explores 4 ethical travel tips to ensure that your next vacation helps make the world a little bit better. 

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The Accommodation


There are many hotels in the world, and most of them are operated by large companies. While many of these companies boost local economies by providing tourism and jobs, you don’t always know if the income is filling the pockets of someone elsewhere. Researching locally operated accommodations might be more difficult, but will ensure that you’re staying somewhere that provides benefits to people in the local community.

Your Clothing & Shoes

Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa

Did you know that the clothing you take on your break is a big part of ethical travel? That’s right. There are plenty of global companies that put an emphasis on improving fairtrade range of garments. Take Sivana Clothing for example, who have spent years perfecting their fair-trade process. Not only does partaking in this practice enable you to purchase items that look great, but it also supports the planet through sustainable clothing production. You can also think about this for your shoes.

The Things You Do

Once you arrive to your destination, there will be plenty of options when it comes to the activities you take part in. In some countries, overall laws are a little more relaxed, and this can lead to people take part in things that are less than wholesome. Do your research and think about your morals before booking tours, shows, or other activities. The standards which are kept at home for shows that involve animals or tours of sacred grounds may not be the same as what you’ll find while away.

Your Transport

While it isn’t exactly a matter of ethics, it’s well known that planes aren’t great for the planet. Utilising them can cause an unreasonable amount of damage to the environment, and at times it seems impossible not to need them. As an alternative, look for ways to get around the world without taking to the sky when possible. Boats, trains, and other public transport can be perfect for this, and help to support the local economy more than booking a flight through a corporate jetliner.

Make a Compromise

With all of these ethical travel tips, you should feel inspired to take a different route with your next vacation. Many people struggle to execute sustainable travel practices, finding it hard to decide when and how they should travel at all. Of course, though, travel ethics can be easier to manage when you put time into researching them. Even if it means making a compromise or two while traveling, making the world a better place one adventure at a time is certainly worth it.

**this post is a collaborative post.

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  1. Victoria says

    Loving these tips! Especially the part about shows involving animals. People usually go because they love animals but it’s actually pretty horrible for the animals and they should be avoided at all costs. Thank you so much for sharing.

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