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3 Tips to Book the Perfect Hotel on Your Vacation

Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa

Most vacations are opportunities to wash your soul clean and to enjoy a bit of luxury and adventure. But, in order for things to work out as you want them to, it’s important to get the right accommodation lined up.

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Below are a few tips on how to book the perfect hotel for your next vacation:


1. Ensure the hotel meets your basic requirements for comfort

If you’re going to go through the trouble of paying for accommodation, you’ll want to ensure that you’re money is well spent.

The hotel you book should meet your expected basic standards of comfort, and that means properly surveying the amenities the hotel offers in advance.

The Quality Inn Leamington is an example of a hotel that can cater to a wide variety of comfort expectations, while simultaneously being located in a beautiful rural location.

Among other things, the Quality Inn Leamington offers an impressive fitness centre with free weight and cardio equipment, while providing easy access to nearby jogging trails for outdoor exercise.

In addition to this, the hotel features its own on-site Q Mart shop that provides the travel essentials to help you maximise your valuable sightseeing time.

And then, of course, there’s the complimentary breakfast included for guests, a decked out cocktail bar, and more, when it comes to food and drink.

Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa

2. Ensure the hotel is close enough to the airport and main attractions

There’s little point in staying at a hotel which seems like it’ll be a million miles away from anything you actually want to see or experience.

Generally, this kind of situation only guarantees that your trip will be hamstrung from the beginning, and that you will have to put up with a lot of frustration and missed travel time and opportunities.

It’s important to make sure the hotel you’re staying at is close enough to the main attractions you want to see, and also has decent access and transport links to those attractions.

The Quality In Leamington, once again, boasts a close proximity to beautiful natural scenery, including Point Pelee National Parkmaking it the kind of place you might want to stay, if nature is close to your heart.


3. Determine if the “style” of the hotel puts you in the right headspace

Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa


You can book the perfect hotel, but it’s also possible for beautiful and well-equipped hotel to also be “too modern,” “too old,” or “too trendy”.

Every hotel has its own particular style, and every guest will also have their own sense of aesthetic preferences, not to mention their own conception of what makes an appealing atmosphere.

While you can’t get a perfect sense of the atmosphere of any hotel from a website, you can make a point to carefully inspect the photos and descriptions available. It is also a good idea to read recent and past reviews on websites like Yelp,, and in order to get an accurate mental picture of the hotel’s features.

Above all, the hotel you stay in should work with your expectations and tastes, and shouldn’t just be something that you “tolerate.”

**this is a collaborative post.

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  1. Shafinah Neville says

    I used to do so much of #3 and completely overlooked #2 when I first started travelling solo – and boy, did I end up in some really weird places

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